Welcome to Disrupted Sky, my foray back into the personal website world after a six year hiatus. I was previously Deeper Meaning, and whilst the name is still special to me, I have obviously grown and been through a lot since then. Disrupted Sky came from a particularly poignant lyric that I love and adopted for my own, you can find out more about that, and myself, in the sections below.

let me sign
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a voice that disrupted the sky
Date: 1st December
Time: 5:45pm
Feeling: Happy
Watching: Deathly Hallows 2
Doing: Site stuff
IMing: Nobody
Drinking: Tea
Eating: Skips
Reading: New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

her hands were all twisted
Kelly. 24. British. Ravenclaw. Shy. Obsessive. Loyal. Independent. Friendly. Sensitive. Creative. Casual. Sarcastic. Mostly Mature. Childish Humour. Stubborn. Thoughtful. Pierced. Loner. Baker Extraordinaire. Music, TV & Film Addict. Wanderer. Avid Reader. Nerd. Finally Finding Happiness. MORE?

i was damned by the light
Version Two is called Winter Is Coming and features John Snow from the TV show, Game Of Thrones. MORE?

i was out for a drink

she reached out for me

like a painted ghost

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